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Who, Where and What.

About me.

Hi, my name is Veronica Sørem. I am 33 years old, and I live in Norway with my family, in a small town called Horten. 

Crafts of all kind are my passion and I have always had the urge to create something. I'm always drawing, painting, decoupaging, making jewelry or papercrafts of all kinds. I finished three years of Drawing, Shape and Color schooling. 

A few years ago I stumbled upon the indie nail polish world and fell hard. There are so many amazing polishes out there! Unfortunately my hand are not made to look pretty, they are made for working. So I needed a way to enjoy the polishes other then as a mani (which we all know doesn't last very long). 

I started decorating glass. Glass trays, big tiles, small tiles, glass cabochons. 

The compact mirrors came a bit later, but are my greatest joy.


Yes, I do customs upon request. You can give me an image to recreate.

Or an idea. A color scheme. Customs cost more. Because they take more time to make.


I ship with the Norwegian Postal Service. Tracking is expensive, about $30, but I will provide it if the customer prefers it. I pack very carefully as most of my pieces are fragile.


I will accept returns on everything, exept customs. The returned object must not have been worn, damaged or used in any way. And in original packaging + new padded envelope/box with correct return adress. 

Lost packages are not my responsibility, but broken ones will need to be taken a picture of before a new item is replaced/refunded.

In general I will do my very best they arrive safe and any problems that might accure I will be dealt with as best I can. 

I want happy customers